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  • I did not plan to stay with Judie and Bruce but i think that this was the best part of my journey. Sometimes you do meet people in your life where you do have a good vibe with. It is unbelievable that you can have that kind of connection after a couple of hours. They help you out if you need their help, the give you the right advice if you ask for it. They are very professional in what they do and there heart is on the right place. I learnt a lot about the bush, there are so knowledgeable and i spent one year in the bush before i met them. I did not spend only that first night at there place. I have been back twice to spend more time with them. I hope to keep in touch with them for a long time. I will be a visitor again when i will visit them but it feels as a member of the family.
    - Ruud Aalders The Netherlands
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Birthday in the bush

Published 9 April 2012 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 1
nDzuti Safari Camp is still closed after the floods in January when during the space of 18 hours Cyclone Dando rained down some some 500 mm of steady down pour. The rivers burst their banks and dam walls broke causing enormous damage to camps situated along the water courses. After the flood, we were fortunate... read more »

Cyclone Dando- Rivers in Retrospect

Published 9 February 2012 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 2
The little town of Hoedspruit and the surrounding private nature reserves of Timbavati, Klaserie, and Balule that make up part of the Greater Kruger Park are situated in a fairly arid area of South Africa (It’s just this characteristic that bestows us with our converted sweet grasses.) Rain is revered; we pray for it, dance for... read more »

Things go croak and jump in the night.

Published 22 November 2011 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 0
During this season of plenty, our nights in the bush are filled with a cacophony of sounds that are often unrecognisable. Frogs are responsible for many of these and even for the most determined nocturnal explorer, the frogs in question can be very difficult to find. They can be tiny, well camouflaged and concealed in... read more »

Arachnid Alchemy- Golden Orb Spiders

Published 27 February 2011 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 13
Arachnid Alchemy This summer has certainly been a time of plenty, along with the abundant flocks of White Storks we are witnessing this year, there are also a fair number of Golden Orb Spiders. Their vast golden webs span almost every available gap between trees and shrubs. Reaching great vertical heights and stretching across distances of... read more »

An African Iron-age Kingdom leaving a legacy and some mystery.

Published 31 January 2011 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 2
      The World Heritage Site of Mapungubwe while being of enormously significant historical value has had a rocky past and seems destined to face future difficulties. The discovery of the site in 1933 confirmed the existence of a population of commercially active indigenous people that thrived and traded in this area of Southern Africa in the... read more »