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  • Bruce, Judy, Justin and Sabre. I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I have no excuse. However, I do want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had while at your place. Your place had to be the highlight of the trip. And thank you for making the cake for my birthday. That was so nice. Also thank you to Justin and Sabre for giving up their Sunday. By now you have probably forgotten who I am. Hello to mamasinna (?spelling) and Thankyou for all the good food. Did your son ever get his papers he needed? Should have stayed in Africa-we've had no spring and its pouring today. Looks like we may not even get a summer. No point in complaining-BUT. Also enjoyed the talks you did in the evenings around the fire. Once again thank you so much.. Regards Linda Lamb
    - Linda Lamb, Canada
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The Collective Ecological Conscience of the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere

Published 22 December 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 1
The different disciplines of Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife management are without doubt independent yet they are inextricably connected. Each discipline affects the others consequently a holistic approach to any field of environmental management is increasingly accepted as the way forward. In the 1920’s a young American forester from Yale was assigned to Arizona Territories in... read more »

Oxpeckers-busy birds and groomed game

Published 6 December 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 14
In September we were thrilled to sight 3 Yellow-billed Ox-peckers feeding on a buffalo cow within a herd. These rare birds differ from the Red-billed Oxpeckers by the swollen yellow base to the bill and a pale rump as well as the lack of the yellow eye ring that the Red-billed Oxpeckers have. Yellow-billed tend to... read more »

Children Environmentalists

Published 24 November 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 2
 Children Environmentalists. The Klaserie Game Reserve should be applauded for its proactive approach to conservation education. This Private Game Reserve was formed back in 1969 when adjacent land owners then farming cattle and game, removed their fences to allow free game movement over a much larger area, and agreed on and wrote a constitution for a... read more »

Winning the Rhino War only to lose again?

Published 1 November 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 2
Poaching Rhino now (2010) and then (1995) Will this scourge of Rhino poaching never cease? As I considered writing about this topic so close to my heart I feel picture stays the same somewhat. The numbers grow , arrests are made,  there was simply nothing to say that hasn’t yet been said. But with the... read more »

Global Warming Action

Published 24 October 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 1
24 Oct 2010 -Make a Noise! The 24 Oct 2010 is an International Day of Action on Global Climate Change and when we, the people are implored to “make a bigger noise”!  In so doing, we will draw attention to global climate change and insist on Real Solutions that will help us attain the goal of... read more »