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  • Bruce, Judy, Justin and Sabre. I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I have no excuse. However, I do want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had while at your place. Your place had to be the highlight of the trip. And thank you for making the cake for my birthday. That was so nice. Also thank you to Justin and Sabre for giving up their Sunday. By now you have probably forgotten who I am. Hello to mamasinna (?spelling) and Thankyou for all the good food. Did your son ever get his papers he needed? Should have stayed in Africa-we've had no spring and its pouring today. Looks like we may not even get a summer. No point in complaining-BUT. Also enjoyed the talks you did in the evenings around the fire. Once again thank you so much.. Regards Linda Lamb
    - Linda Lamb, Canada
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Summer Visitors- migratory birds to South Africa

Published 29 September 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 26
Summer visitors This is that time of the year when we are often thrilled by our first sighting of a returning migratory bird species. Already the Wahlberg Eagles are back in early August. As an Intra African migrant they don’t have to travel far and are not away for long. But many species are not so... read more »

Conservation in the desert

Published 9 September 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 11
 Commendable Conservation Accomplishment in Arabic Desert When one thinks of Dubai, it is of towering sky scrapers that defy gravity, fabulously tempting shopping malls and man-made snow in the desert.  However recently there is a new emerging and gratifying facet to this particular emirate, one of seven “regions” that make up the UAE. With the rapid... read more »

Beetle Mania- Dung Beetles in Africa

Published 9 September 2010 by Wildlife Encounters under Travelogue • Comments: 36
 Beetle Mania - Dung beetles in Africa Mention Dung Beetles and we all think of a pair of large black beetles struggling to manoeuvre a hefty ball of dung along a difficult trail. Nonetheless there are over 4000 different species of dung beetles each having a specific technique of using dung to feed and breed. If... read more »