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  • Thank you more particularly for arranging my trip to nDzuti, at such short notice and against all the odds of stolen passport and therefore also no currency exchange! I did so appreciate the utter trust you placed in me when you paid for the entire trip yourself! I hope you did not have a sleepless night! In recommending nDzuti I think you interpreted my wishes exactly! The style of the place suited me perfectly and it was the most marvellous experience. The facilities, as you will have found, were fairly basic but quite adequate for a comfortable stay. Brett and Sherie were welcoming and hospitable. Sherie supplied plenty of nourishing food for breakfast, lunch and supper in a friendly, homely fashion. Brett was a great guide on our safari drives. The lodge was full for the first night, including a lively and talkative family group, but when they departed midday on Monday it was then calm and peaceful, with just a young couple and myself, and it was a real joy to be in the midst of the vastness of the bush with no other people within sight or sound! The wildlife, apart from fairly ubiquitous impala, was somewhat scarce (not that I have any measure of experience to go by!) but I liked the feeling that there was no guarantee of seeing game that was free to roam far and wide. Sometimes fleeting glimpses were all the more exciting for being so brief! We did get very good viewings as well! On the first evening we saw quite a wide range of wildlife, including a close-up of a very large rhino who was not in any hurry! On the way home in the dark we came across a lioness with two 6 week old cubs (what a great guide we had!). I was amazed how unperturbed she was by our presence and was moving in a very leisurely way, so we had extremely good viewing. Brett found them again the following evening, just as relaxed, with the cubs playing within yards of the landrover - fantastic! Talking of lions, that same evening, as we relaxed after supper, Brett heard a couple of lions roaring some distance away and said "Let's go and find them!" - so he did, and in the spotlight we saw two fine males unhurriedly patrolling their territory. Again they were totally unfazed by our presence, stopping for a scratch and a lie down. While the lights were turned off to conserve batteries, a roar from a far distant lion prompted a response from our two, and their roaring just a few yards from us in the darkness was a spine-tingling experience! We spent some time tracking a leopard which was stalking impala and which Brett was determined to find, but we had to be content with leopard tracks! Elephant were unusually elusive and it was only on the final morning that Brett located a fine 25 year old male after hearing a solitary trumpet from across the river, so I did see all the big five except the leopard. Together with sightings of many other mammals, birds and reptiles as well as the bush, the scenery and stunning panoramic views it was a wonderful and memorable safari trip! Some people might want slightly more sophisticated accommodation and cuisine but the style of nDzuti in the hands of Brett and Sherie suited me very well. With many thanks for your excellent arrangements of my safari trip, best wishes, Gervase.
    - Gervase .UK
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Birthday in the bush

Published 9 April 2012 under Travelogue • Comments: 1
Birthday in the bush

nDzuti Safari Camp is still closed after the floods in January when during the space of 18 hours Cyclone Dando rained down some some 500 mm of steady down pour. The rivers burst their banks and dam walls broke causing enormous damage to camps situated along the water courses. After the flood, we were fortunate to secure the use of a private lodge neighbouring our concession to accommodate our forward bookings and it was here that we celebrated the birthday of Megri Schmidt from Germany recently.




With the electricity supply damaged by the floods cooking a birthday cake was a quite challenge. I had to think back to many years ago and our first bush camp Khoka Moya in Manyeleti Game Reserve in 1988.  Here we never even dreamt of getting electric power and so cooking on the fire was second nature to us. A black cast iron pot on the fire would act as an oven and a smaller make- shift cake tin would go inside to produce an somewhat smokey and no doubt lob sided birthday cake. Visualising the process brought back yet another Khoka Moya reminiscence- the Elephant Dung birthday cake!  At the fire side at mid night with the family we plotted the birthday surprise while Megri slept on blissfully unaware.




The monsterous scat was smuggled back to camp in a jacket after that morning game drive, was suitably dry and predictably lob sided but had a perfect pudding- like shape otherwise, even exhibiting   a little peaked apex! Gerti Ngwenya our Smiling Chef expertly iced the “cake” with cooked meilie- meal porridge with a dash of vanilla essence for aroma. The thick porridge clung to the undigested sticks and grass in the dung and dried to form a shiny smooth surface that looked decidedly edible. The cherries she arranged transformed it into an appetising cake covered with glittering icing snow. The other birthday offering was surreptitiously baked on the fire while the guests were out on an extended game drive and the outcome was a little dull when place side by side with the sugar plum delight.




At dawn of the birthday the deck was decorated with balloons and the tables were set with champagne flutes, cake forks and side plates while the two cakes waited in the wings hidden in the chest freezer to keep the frosting fresh! The cork was popped and bubbles flowed into glasses. Megri was delighted with the splendid looking cake and posed with her glass and knife in hand. Then she sliced into the un-giving mass of tightly packed dried vegetation.  She immediately suspected, her eyes found mine and she burst out laughing- an unforgettable African birthday fortunately with a substitute edible cake close at hand.  




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Wed, 16 May 2012 22:08:41 +0200
Judy, this is a probably the only still image we have of that great and funny scene. I had the camera on video mode and did not figure out how to extract a still image that's printable ... The picture book with 50 pages just arrived from Apple. We could produce a great book with a great Dvd thanks to the almost 1000 great shots. 100 minutes funny video minutes and thanks to the great time and experiences and wildlife encounters we had with you, Bruce and Gertrud in Taurus auxilliary camp :-). we loved it and will come back and I'll send you a pdf with the book in a separate E-Mail.
all the best and big hug from Hamburg... Martina

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