Client Feedback

  • I have been travelling with Bruce and Judy Meeser of Wildlife Encounters on and off for 10 years now and have had numerous terrific wilderness experiences, learned a tremendous amount and become a family friend. I am very grateful that they shared their expertise with me.
    - Paul Hendrick, Holland
Hoedspruit Accommodation

Volunteer Tours

Years ago science students could volunteer to help with projects in Galapagos and similar exciting new finds that needed to be documented. They simply had to pay something towards their own expenses and they could get involved. Nowadays volunteer trips abroad are fairly common; albeit a more commercialised version of the original idea it still allows young and old to get involved in conservation efforts and not merely observe from the side lines. The costs are a fraction of that of  a paying client and while a lot of work is involved the experience is gratifying  and the knowledge gained invaluable. For those travelling around the world, take a break from the hectic schedule of independent travel and put your mind to work for a few weeks.