Client Feedback

  • I have been travelling with Bruce and Judy Meeser of Wildlife Encounters on and off for 10 years now and have had numerous terrific wilderness experiences, learned a tremendous amount and become a family friend. I am very grateful that they shared their expertise with me.
    - Paul Hendrick, Holland
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Wildlife Art Course

Wildlife Art Course located on a game farm
Trip Duration: 4 weeks
Max. Guests: minimum 1
Brief overview: The Wildlife Art course provides the unique encounter to observe and sketch South Africa's Fauna and Flora in their natural surroundings. It is an introductory course to bush art where you can learn to sketch and paint wildlife while on an art safari, all of which are undertaken right on a game farm, with the surrounding of the Northern Drakensburg mountains.
Wildlife Art Course


The Wildlife course is structured to encourage you to express your individuality in your own style and to make your thoughts visible through perceptual skills. Our art safari teaches you to use the right hemisphere of your brain and enjoy the beauty of colour.
A series of art exercises, are carried out throughout the course, working with the different mediums of pencil, ink, charcoal and watercolours. You will be provided with an introduction to bush art.  It collectively works with informative lectures on the wildlife enabling you to understand the anatomy, and reasoning behind such markings and movements, aiding to your art work. The focus is not just on the larger animals of the bush, but insect, bird and plant life, this is supported through nature walks and game drives.
There is also the opportunity to undertake a variety of local activities in the area, and nights out to meet the locals.
Accommodation is in thatched roof, wooden chalets with large gauze covered windows and roll down sides to keep the African wildlife at bay. Rooms are shared with 1 or 2 other volunteers. The showers and Western-style toilets are located close to the rooms. They are open-air structures with running water - hot water is provided by means of "fire-geysers". Taking a shower under the stars contributes to the overall African game farm experience.
The communal chill-out area is thatched lounge/kitchen/bar and dining area. When it is hot during the glorious summer months, cool off in the quaint splash pool. For those keen on African wildlife or game viewing there is a hide overlooking a waterhole close to the camp for the ultimate tranquillity.
There is no electricity at the camp - solar lighting, gas and paraffin lanterns are used. Enjoy the evenings sitting around the campfire with a cold drink while chatting to fellow volunteers after a hard but satisfying day.

Included in this tour

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, Dinner, tea, coffee and juice
  • All activities undertaken on the farm
  • Airport collection from Hoedspruit

Excluded from this tour

  • Additional activities
  • Other beverages
  • Excursion meals