About us

Wildlife Encounters has been operating safaris in the Greater Kruger since 2000. We have had camps or lodges of our own in most of the Greater Kruger Private Reserves and are well acquainted with all the safari camps featured on this website. Wildlife Encounters is based in the Greater Kruger area outside Hoedspruit Town.

Our team

Judith Ann Meeser picture

Judith Ann Meeser


Judy and Bruce are a team with a shared lifetime of experience in Kruger bush. Over the years have set up their own safari camps in many of the reserves in the Greater Kruger area and they are familiar with most if not all of the current existing safari camps and lodges which gives them the ability to source and pair travellers with the ideal safari accommodation according to their needs and expectations. 

Bruce Meeser picture

Bruce Meeser


 Bruce grew up in the bush in what is now Zimbabwe. His family ran a large cattle range with wildlife roaming free. He spent his younger days herding cattle on horseback with the workers from whom he learnt a great deal about the bush and in particular the tracking of animals. Bruce has pioneered and built many safari camps and tour operating businesses. He has empowered and mentored many local people and is well-loved in the area.


Sabre Meeser picture

Sabre Meeser

Ranger guide

 Sabre grew up in the bush with her parents operating safaris and walking trails in various reserves of the Greater Kruger. Her instinctive knowledge is complimented by official qualifications in guiding. She has a strong conservation ethic and is a passionate and driven nature guide.

Troy  Meeser picture

Troy Meeser

Ranger guide

Troy has guided in many African countries and still may lead the odd safari into other lands but he is based here at this childhood stamping grounds. Troy has his own following of loyal regular safari goers and builds a bank of newcomers with every group he guides. He has a veritable collection of videos and clips of his sightings on youtube Troywildlife

Justin van Breda picture

Justin van Breda

Ranger guide

Justin has a healthy curiosity and is fascinated by many aspects of the bush. He is a skilled tracker, keen on snakes and reptiles, and has found his forte in leading walking trails, both in the private and the National Parks.
Justin studied Nature Conservation which gives him a background understanding and active interest in the more scientific aspects of the African bush such as fire ecology, erosion control,  the grassland and vegetation component and the resultant mammal population.
Justin makes up an integral part of our guiding team.

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